Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Local SEO is not quite the same as regular SEO which is normally national rather than local. It’s the difference between someone typing in “best seo company victoria bc” vs “top seo companies”. If you’re a local shop that sells services and / or products locally, you’ll want to focus on local SEO rather than trying to rank for keywords that compete on a national basis (which are a lot harder to rank for).

When done right, local SEO increases your company’s online presence for people searching locally or when people search using a geographic identifier such as the city name.

This means that local search engine optimization includes terms like “seo services” – which would give results of a mix of local companies (surrounding where the searcher is searching). But the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) would also show high-ranking national companies for that term – especially if you’re from (or searching from) a smaller town that doesn’t have many seo agencies.

A similar local, geo-targeted keyword would be “seo services duncan bc” which would produce mostly, if not all, local results in the SERPs from SEO companies in and around Duncan, British Columbia.


So Why Bother with Local SEO?


Because, according to Google, 46% of searches online have local intent.

With local SEO, you’ll want to focus first and foremost on your Google My Business (GMB) Page. This is the page that Google created for many millions of business owners years and years back by scraping their company data from other aggregators. Whether you created a GMB page yourself or not, chances are that, if you’re running a registered, local business, you already have one. Just Google your company name and address to find out or visit https://business.google.com when you’re logged in with any Google related email.


Our Local SEO Services


Local SEO starts with your GMB (Google My Business) page. Does your GMB page show up for your industry keywords? Is your company visible in Google Maps? We tune-up and optimize your GMB page which ensures that it has the best chance possible of ranking in what’s called the Snack Pack (the first three Google listings that show up on the first page accompanied by the map when you search for anything geo-targeted. i.e. “digital marketing vancouver island”. A well-optimized GMB page can bring in a ton of targeted traffic (and phone calls!) from organic searches as well as from Google Maps.

If you’re a local company, let us better your rankings through local SEO services.

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