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Digital or Online Marketing, also called Digital Media Marketing, is an umbrella term that includes any type of marketing that has a digital element to it. SEO, often confused by people as being the same as digital marketing – is only one piece of a complete digital marketing strategy. Other types of activities that would round out an all-inclusive digital marketing solution would be things like: keyword research, social media marketing, PPC, content marketing strategy, GMB Page optimization, backlink building, lead generation, conversion optimization, local SEO & citation building, to name a few.

Think of Digital Marketing as the new marketing and traditional marketing as the old marketing. We don’t use the naked word “marketing” much anymore because almost everything these days has a digital component to it (even billboards).

At RankPast, we built our monthly marketing packages to be as hands-off as possible. We want to do what we do best – implement our proven digital marketing strategies for our clients; and leave you to do what you do best – running your company.

Other than the initial onboarding process, we don’t require much else from our clients when it comes to their online marketing. We take care of everything and report on everything.

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Because we think the following activities are so important that no business should overlook them, we include the following components in ALL our monthly digital marketing packages:


  • Keyword Research – this helps us uncover industry relevant keywords that we’re able to target by way of writing SEO optimized page content, monthly blog posts as well as for PPC campaigns such as Google Ads.
  • Content Strategy – once we know the keywords your target market is searching for, then we create a content marketing strategy around them. We research the market and your competition to come up with a list of topics to start creating blog posts around.
  • Blog Post – with our client-approved list of blog topics in hand, we have our SEO writers write monthly blog posts for our clients. We also take care of uploading and optimizing the blogs to your site.
  • On Page SEO – we’ll optimize your main pages to ensure they have the best chance of ranking possible. And then we start going after low hanging fruit to get even more traffic and rankings.
  • Backlink Building (Off Page SEO) – our team builds backlinks using our time-tested link building strategies which starts with analyzing your competitor’s backlinks.
  • Technical SEO – we run a variety of tools on your site to determine if there are any technical SEO issues that could be preventing your site from being seen, getting indexed or ranking better.
  • Review Acquisition & Management System – we provide the tools that make it easy for you to get more 5-star reviews, manage those reviews and then we market your top reviews on your site and on social media.
  • Google My Business (GMB) Page Optimization – this is an optimization of your GMB page so that it has the best chance possible to rank on the first page in what’s called the “snack pack” for as many industry keywords as possible.
  • Monthly GMB Post – once your GMB page is fully optimized, we’ll make sure it stays current by pushing out relevant content every month.
  • Citation Package – a citation is simply any mention of your company’s Name, Address, Phone Number and Website online. Our citation package builds citations for your company to help your site and your GMB page rank higher.


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