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A backlink is simply a link (hyperlink) from one webpage on one site to another webpage on a different site. In essence, it’s a link that points back to your site. A backlink differs from an internal link as it is a link from one site to another as opposed to a link from one page to another on the same site.

Our backlink audit service is a deep dive into your site’s backlink profile to find out:

  1. How many backlinks your site has
  2. do follow vs no follow link ratio
  3. Anchor text for each backlink
  4. Anchor text distribution / ratio
  5. Possible toxicity of backlinks
  6. # of referring domains (sites)
  7. How many links your main competitors have
  8. Backlinks your competitors have that you don’t

Running a backlink analysis against your competitors will allow us to see where they’re getting their backlinks from, what directories they are a part of, which forum / blogs they participate in etc.

This is a crucial step in figuring out where the competition is getting their traffic from. With the information that you’ll get from the audit, you’ll not only know what your competitors are doing that you’re not, but you’ll also get a list of backlink opportunities that will help propel your site ahead of the competition.

Our backlink audit service is just one of the many digital marketing services we include in our done-for-you digital marketing packages. Get in touch with one of our digital marketing specialists today or check out our digital marketing package prices.

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